About the Event

Toowoomba Busking Festival is an event taking place on April 11th (Easter Saturday).

How Does it Work?

Between 10am and 4pm buskers will be given between 2-4 performance slots at designated locations in the CBD of Toowoomba. Each set will be 25min long with a 5 minute strike/set up window. This preliminary round will be old-school busking; just you, your instruments and the city around you.

During the preliminary round, judges will be watching the performances and picking the top buskers for the finals. These finals will take place on main stage at Walton Stores between 6 and 7pm where finalists will get a shot to sway the judges and take home the grand prize.

But this busking festival isn’t just about finding the best busker. During the event, there will also be a people’s choice award as voted by friends, family, and the random people that dig your music as they walk by. So even if you don’t make it to the finals, there is a good chance you could still walk away with some great prizes!


This event is open to anyone that complies with Toowoomba busking regulations . If you are a solo artist, duo or a small group that doesn’t require amplification and you are keen to bring your music to the streets, then this event is for you!

Brief summary of Toowoomba busking regulations:
– Maintain 1.8 meters of walkway
– Your performance must keep in harmony of the area
– No amplification
– No music stands
– No power supplied

Note: A Toowoomba busking permit is not required.


Just head to the menu on the top-right and click “Apply”, or click here.

Need another Reason?

If filling the streets with music isn’t incentive enough to join the Toowoomba Busking Festival, you should be aware that this festival will be an incredible networking opportunity for those looking to connect with other artists, build your fan base and to get your name and music out there to the world.

Each artist entered in the Busking Festival will be featured on our website.


We are a not for profit organization called Youth With A Mission Toowoomba – www.ywamtoowoomba.com.

We have a passion for music, knowing God and making Him known. We have students come from all over the world to study the Bible and discover how they can use music to make a positive impact on the world around them.

This busking festival comes from the DNA and core values of the YWAM organization. We don’t want this to be just another battle of the buskers competition, but our heart is to champion the musicians in our city, give them a voice and value them as artists with something beautiful to give to our community.

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